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Premium Fishing Rods & Tackle:

HR "Hearty Rise" and SW LAB have joined to give Australian fishers a quality range of rods with the new "NET-V" construction. "NET-V" makes rods transmit power directly and the power won't be separated at any joint on the blank. Now not only the seam but the whole rod body is outfitted with "NET-V" construction.

Hi Glow Lumo Rigs:~

Whiptail Lumo:
Size: 10/0. Hooks: 2 Lumo Bead. 80lb leader. Strong black rolling swivels, with coast lock snap.
Exceptional Dhufish rig.

Code: 2980

Bait Stick:
Size: 8/0. Hooks: Rugged bottom rig with 80lb leader. Silver barrel swivel with snap. Extra long 8/0 eel hooks to deal with sharp toothed fish!

Code: 2966

Lumo Flash Prawns:
Size: 5 by #6 Hooks: Reflective feelers. Extra sharp gold colour plated hooks. Strong leader line, making this rig ideal for herring and mackeral.

Code: 2973

Genuine North Star Light:
Flashing underwater light used with SWLab Hi Glow soft squid. Automatically comes on and turns off when placed in and out of water. Up to 70 hours life. Ideal for deep water species or low light fishing. Amazing Jig performance and a deadly squid attracter. Will fit inside many soft lures.

Code: 2225 - Blue
Code: 2232 - Green
Code: 2249 - Red
Code: 2263 - White
Code: 2218 - Orange

Bottle Squid:
Bottle Squid: Glow squid to be used for bottom fishing rigs. Available in Lumo Pink and Lumo green.
Available in 2 pack & 3 packs.

Code: 4137 - Lumo green - 11cm - 3pc per bag
Code: 4120 - Lumo pink - 11cm - 3pc per bag
Code: 4113 - Lumo green - 13cm - 2pc per bag
Code: 4106 - Lumo pink - 13cm - 2pc per bag

Hi Glow Soft Squid:
Highly recommended to be used with flashing water activated lights.

Code: 3062 - Pink - 2pc per bag
Code: 3017 - Blue - 2pc per bag
Code: 3048 - Green - 2pc per bag
Code: 3079 - Purple - 2pc per bag

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