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Premium Fishing Rods & Tackle:

Rod Holders:
Available in 2 colours: Red and Blue. Also 'soft silver' rod cover.

Rod Bags: SwLabs range of rod bags solves the problem of storing and protecting our precious fishing rods. The Deluxe range is made from a heavy duty material with a stiffened inside lining for maximum protection. Inside there are individual tie points to keep your rods separate from each other and on the outside there are two long pockets to store more rods, gaffs ect.

The bags come in two sizes; a 200cm and a 230cm and come in two attractive colours; Blue/black or Red/black. The deluxe rod bag has all the features swlab is famous form like the large heavy duty zips and rugged clips. The soft silver rod bags are another option for storing rods, inside you will find the individual ties for separating rods and outside you have spots to attach 2 ready rigged rods if required.

These rod bags not only provide maximum rod protection but also boast sturdy handles making them suitable for carrying your rods when trekking to that secret fishing spot.

0078 Deluxe rod bag: 200cm
0085 Deluxe rod bag: 230cm


Features: Super sized Jumbo zips.

Soft Silver Rod Bags

0054 Rod bag soft silver: 190cm

0047 Rod bag soft silver: 210cm

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